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The Coastie Candle Story


The Story So Far !!

Coastie Candles was started by us in February 2014, Kerry started making candles from home for family and friends as a hobby, everybody loved them but Kerry was still not convinced by her amazing candles, it took our youngest daughter Gabriella to register Kerry for a school Christmas fare, She sold out on the night of all her candles and she finally began to have faith in the products and it grew from there.


All our candles our handmade in our kitchen and hand tied by one of us, the daughters join in and  we are starting to rope in various members of the family. Kerry's new theme word at home is QUALITY CONTROL.

The Future !!

We now have nine fabulous stockists to which we are truly grateful  too, These people have put their faith in us and we hope to repay them in sales over the counter. We only supply individual shops  in their location to protect the brand and also support the stockists, its something which is working and we will look to grow the business slowly throughout the county/country, whilst making sure we do not let our current customers down.

If you are located further afield please get in touch with us we would only be to happy to speak with you.


Kind regards

The Coastie Team

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    We would like to welcome you to our website, we are proud of what we have accomplished over a short period of time. All products are 100% Soy Wax.